[05/09/01]: Headed to Tatooine to visit the family estates there, James encounters a rather rowdy group of people shooting and whatnot at each other. Intrigued, he sits down, and watches, until one of the people in the group catches his eye--a princess he had met some time ago. Though he can't remember much about her, and not caring that there seemed to be a pair of Jedi running around killing people--he still tries to vigilantly save her. Well, sort of.

Primary Spaceport - Mos Espa - Tatooine

Although a good section of this spaceport is covered from the brightness, it lends little protection from the stinging heat. Dry and dusty is this area, as is most of the planet. Ship traffic is frequent, delivering various supplies to the locals and doing business with Jabba the Hutt. Human and alien life, alike can be seen wandering around tending to their duties about their ships.

-=|Players|=- Xarfax Hobbes Damascus Andris Quintus Jacen Mace Windu Tar Tel Breen Scion Gwenn Ikassa


At a mere 1.7 meters, this man's appearance is less than imposing. What he lacks in stature, however, is quite replenished with his looks. Fair, unblemished skin, and well formed musculature that carefully defines his facial features, as well as the rest of his generally average height body. Dark blue eyes highlight the round glimmery globes in his eyesockets, shining forth like a beacon in the night. His hair, in a rather distinct change, brown and full, has been undone, and lopped off voraciously, leaving it about as long as his face is tall. It dopples about his face in a messy way, clumped together at the tips rather disorderly, flowing with the slightest bit of movement. The face shows very little age and wear at all, himself easily passing as a teen to a middle-twenty year old.
His clothing, like his hair, is a radical and ungainly style. Loose black slacks cover his legs, dexterity a prime concern there as they move and stretch easily. Black boots cover his feet, laced tightly, the tops covered by his pants. The pants are held up simply with a belt with inordinate buckle. Tucked into his pants is a tight white shirt long-sleeved, the cut an inch and a half below the base of his neck. Over the shirt is a black vest, trussed up with little at all, button-up style with a long v-shaped cut that strides down to the center of his chest. On his right hip, a small bulge is produced under the black fabric of his vest. Around his neck, a simple silver chain lies there with a tiny pendant on the end hanging out over his white shirt.
The only, well, proper thing that covets his clothing at -all- is a silvery brooch that acts as a belt buckle, ornate and exquisite. Definately out of place. It is a circular coat of arms with a starscape for the background and Coruscant's sun in the top left corner; the top corner of a man's face/head with bright blue eyes looking straight out. In the bottom left corner, between the face and the sun, is the hilt of a sheathed sword pointing downward. From the center streaking to the top right corner is an indistinguishable starship entering hyperspace, with a lush, beautiful planet beneath it.


This man gives the impression of a kind of quiet intensity. His presence is not dominating; it would, in fact, be quite easy to overlook him in a crowd. His face is round and tan, indicative of a not overlarge bone structure that seems to fit with his passive demeanor. His hair is a light, brown-ish color, almost blond but not quite, and it tends to be long and curly in the back, tendrils spilling over the sides of his face. It is perhaps a quarter of an inch shorter that in front, so that it stays out of his eyes. His eyes are a brilliant blue, the brightest feature of his otherwise unremarkable face. They are deeply set, giving the appearance of two caves, each with a bright point of light, bridged by the slight slant of his nose.
He is dressed in apparel that rivals his person in terms of 'jumps out at you.' A simple brown vest falls below his waist, over top of a mostly-clean white tunic that's tucked neatly into what are commonly referred to as 'spacer pants' due to their durability and the presence of many pockets, some over top of one another, so that when you think you've filled up one pocket you actually have another one right underneath it. Not the most comfortable things in the world, but then, neither are spacers.

Quintus was waiting in the spaceport for Hobbes and company to arrive. He is clad in his usual, boring spacer's garb, bereft of his fancy GSS uniform or tags, though presumably they're what got him here ahead of time. "I think you've got the right idea," he says to Andris as he nears him. "I, um," he clears his throat, "Convinced a local fellow to lend us a speeder. I'll take up a defensive position once we get off, see about disabling the guards. You move in and," his gaze slips to where he knows Andris keeps his lightstaff, "Deal with anyone between you and the princess. I'll be right behind you the whole time--" He tilts his head, listening to his earpiece, and glances up again. "Hobbes, Commcheck OK. They're moving her. Let's get going," he fingers the 'mute' button on his communicator and leans into Andris as they both head for the speeder, "See if we can't make something to write home to the council about, eh?"

Jacen heaves up a sandbag and put it where it will give protection, but won't be noticed by any one on the ground. He wipes sweat from his forehead, and being on the same roof a Hobbes, Jacen walks over to him. "Ya'll ready?

Hobbes is banging his forehead on the back of his rifle.. "Great.. I'm screwed if anyone's recording this.."

A shuttle soars through the dusty brown skies, spinning in the air over the city before landing with a hard THUMP on the spaceport, somewhat near the mini group of nutballs gathered--or at least, Quintus. A moment later, a loud, ear-piercing squeal erupts from the aft hatch, before making a loud crunching sound, and quite simply falling off with a loud *CLANK*. A moment later, a small group of people peer out, and begin hopping out of the vessel, shaking their heads in dismay. Several seem to have bruises and scratches.
One, has none, and grumbles furtively, turning to shake his head at the vessel as he exits, "I should have stolen a ship." And with that, he sighs, readjusts the satchel that is slung over his back, and turns.

Xarfax quickly scans the area, then steps backwards into a hidden alley. He pulls his blaster from its holster and checks a few settings, then fades into the shadows.

Andris irritatedly brushes some sand from his nose and sneezes some of the excess out of it. "Barren planet," he mutters half-disgustedly, "Is there nothing green anywhere?" The malcontent fellow leans against the hood of the landspeeder which Quintus, uh, 'rented.' An air mask dangles around his neck and a pair of goggles are lodged on top of his scalp, but he wears neither right now for sake of the heat. He nods a little to Quintus as he climbs into the passenger seat of the speeder. "Very well. You drive the speeder near into the wall and I will start yelling at you. Perhaps the distraction will lure some of them away from the speeder. We will go from there."

Gwenneth is wearing traveling clothes, and a sort of headwrap that functions both as a way to keep the sun from frying the brain, and concealing her face. She is being escorted and appears to be property, as they keey a firm grip on this young girl.

The Trandoshan leads the group into the starport, he's been marching them the whole way, as he;s in a hurry to get rid of this girl and get himself soome R&R.

"Good enough," Quintus agrees, having neither goggles nor air mask himself, apparently more than accustomed to the sorts of things nature tends to throw at you. He grips the handles of the speeder and closes his eyes for a moment, concentrating on the task at hand; speeder control was not one of Quintus' strengths, but his knack for concentrating on the task at hand and keeping distractions out of his mind gave him the edge he needed to drive the thing properly. Both eyes narrowed, he twists the handle of the vehicle and launches them towards the approaching procession. "Start yelling at me," he mutters loudly, to Andris, "That shouldn't be too hard for you."

James Damascus stands about, quietly, pondering, just sort of. Not caring much of what goes on. He observes the people wandering this way and that. And the speeder speeding off. Hmm. Quite a desolate place. Perhaps he should have gone to Corellia. Oh well. At least this way, maybe the Damascuscussses of Tatooine wouldn't know about his, well, temporary displacement from his family's house. Yes. Free food. And booze.

The trandoshan raises a hand annd brings the precession to a halt. He stands in the back of the speader and poinst to the Gamorreans.."You, bacon breath...move that piece of trash out of our way, we dont have time for this." He snorts and plops back into the seat and strokes Gwenn's chin.

Andris grasps his seat with a white-knuckled grip as Quintus lurches the speeder into action. Mother of the Force, how did this guy ever pass as a pilot? He loosens a shakey hand from the seat and puts his goggles and mask into place, successfully hiding a bit of the paleness that's overcome his features. Quintus is right, it won't take much for Andris to let loose on him. "Naf vee da ie bedachen!" the be-goggled man screams at the driver in a tongue that sounds more natural to his strange accent. And he doesn't stop there, continuing to berate Quintus as loudly as possible through the ventilated mask and adding a poking finger for effect. It's kinda of hard to do ll that while trying to calm oneself on the insides, but, eh, Andris is good at yelling at people in any situation.

Hobbes draws a bead on the Trandoshan as he stands, aiming for a moment.. watching as he starts back down.. once his rump is in the seat the spacer slowly squeezes the trigger, the sights centered on the being's head as he whispers for his comlink, "Go."

Gwenneth shrinks for the trandoshan's hand and trys to slug him. she obviousy does not want anyone to touch her.

The gammoreans snort and start to climb out of the speeder, grunting and grumbling as they head twords the vehicle.

The two humans sigh, keeping their weapons ready as they wait for the stinky gammoreans to deal with the vehicle.

The two weequey's watch on, weapons holstered, but close at hand, should any trouble start.

Andris rises to his feet as the speeder he shares with Quintus lurches to a halt in front of the two transports. He continues to scream at Quintus, gesturing with an outstretched finger at the man and then toward the first of Jabba's transports. The foreigner seems flustered to say the least. Finally, he makes a rude gesture and leaps out of the speeder, kicking up a small cloud of dusta nd sand as he hits the ground. The irritated man kicks the speeder he just departed, still yelling at the driver.

Behind Damascus, the shuttle that he arrived on collapses on it's landing struts, a large plume of dust curling up around it. James turns, blinks, and turns away again. At least it didn't happen while he was on it, he thinks. Yes. Very good. Oh well. He peers about, pondering. What was this tension that was starting to grow, as people scream and beat up sppeders a ways away. Strange place. Perhaps the planet was laden with Spice. But, no, Spice made your eyes glow. Or something like that.

Gwenneth tries to slug the ugly thug, but as usual, she is not much a match for a trained hunter. The thug simply pushes her back into her seat laughing.

Hobbes aims.. aims.. waiting till Gwen swings, then fires, pulling the trigger the moment her hand isn't infront of the Trandoshan's face, aiming for the center of the creature's forehead. Some say go for a chest shot to be safe. Hobbes would rather have a dead target than a pissed off enemy, though, "I'll take the first speeder, highpoint two, take the second!"

Jacen watches the procession in patient silence, waiting. As soon as he hears the command to fire, Jacen aims his pistol at the closest guard, but before he gets a good aim he changes it in a split second to aim for one of the guards on the second ship. After his shot he quickly ducks behind cover again.

"Oh I so sorry! I not know it your camel! Please I sorry!" Quintus begins blubbering, bringing the speeder to a halt in front of the Princess' procession and flinching under Andris' verbal assault. "He so mean to me!" He squeals plaintively at the Gammorean just before he receives Hobbes' 'Go' signal. Immediately, Quintus jumps out of the landspeeder and lands in a crouch, rising quickly and deftly; when he stands again, he holds in each hand a metallic cylinder recognizable as a lightsaber. He flips the activation switches on both, and lengths of pure-white energy solidify with the sudden, signature snap-hiss of the ancient Jedi weapons. In his right hand is a much longer blade than a typical saber, nearly 1.8 meters in length, while he has one nearly half a meter shorter in his left, a kind of Daisho.
"You who are about to die," he calls in a not-so-veiled threat to the Gammoreans, the weekways, the humans who have the Princess and the handmaiden, "Drop your weapons now and perhaps you will be spared." But Quintus advances, ever so slowly, obviously trying to keep the attention of Jabba's men focused directly on him, trying to create the impression that all of the firepower, all of the danger, is coming from Quintus and not from up above.

Xarfax emerges from the alley, in a position behind the two speeders. He levels his blaster at the one containing Gwenn, and focuses on the pilot. He then quickly fires off a few shots, then turns his gun on the other speeder.

The Weekway behind the wheel of the speeder with Ikassa in it blinks in surprise as one of Jacen's blaster bolts strikes him squarely in the torso. He convulses a little, stunned at the sudden, unanticipated attack, but appears to recover quickly enough. Both he and the other Weekway stand, pulling their own blaster pistols; the driver aims for Jacen, firing off a shot in hopes of hitting the Captain before he takes cover again, but Xarfax's pistol fire strikes him full-on, and he collapses back into his seat while his comrade guns for Quintus.

The burly Trandoshan emits a pained grunt as a heavy blaster bolt sails at his head from above and not-too-far-away. With a startled cry of pain, he reels backwards, nearly losing his balance as he's hit right in the head. With a dazed look, it takes him a moment to regain his bearings, but the thick-skinned lizardman seems to still be conscious enough. He raises his DL-44 and tries to pinpoint the sniper, crouching into a battle posture and taking careful aim for several moments.

The two humans on the speeder with Gwenn, both unmolested, burst into action. The first one hefts a blaster rifle and aims skywards, towards Jacen, while the second points his weapon at Quintus. The Gammoreans, both on the ground, look startled and split up -- one makes a beeline for Andris while the other charges Quintus, both wielding vibro-axes, their own blasters holstered.

Gwenneth, watching the lizard man in front of her get beamed in the head with a blaster, she thinks it is a great idea to duck and cover. She ducks the best she can in order not to get hit, taking the old 'airplane' or is that 'shuttle' crash position. Head to her knees in the back of the speeder.

"Oh my," Damascus states simply, watching as blaster bolts fly loose, and whatnot. He really ought to have stayed on Coruscant. Oh well. No matter. He turns, and strolls off to a pile of cargo crates, upon which he seats himself, trying to get a better view of who's who in the squabble. Who knows. Perhaps he may even know one of them.

Andris continues to berate Quintus from behind his mask as he backs away from their vehicle. Behind his tinted goggles, however, his eyes are both on the front transport, searching for the one they have come for. Its hard to see from this angle and he doesn't have a radio of his own to receive information from the snipers. Guess he'll just have to hope she's in the first one. *BLAM* Andris halts his yelling and ducks at the first shot, not expecting it quite so soon, and not expecting it to land so near him. Were Hobbes closer, he would be receiving an angry glare right now for that one.
He rounds back on Quintus as the other man leaps from the speeder and ignites a pair of lightsabers. Wow, that was unexpected. At least, that's what Andris seems to be conveying by his flustered movements and apparent fixation on the man brandishing the light weapons. However, he was expecting little less. He continues to quietly back away, hoping that the novelty of being stared down by a Jedi is drawing most of the attention from the crew. Meanwhile, cylindrical silver shaft of his own has appeared in Andris hands from under his vest, though he keeps it close to his left side opposite the Desilijic guards' line of sight. He continues inching closer to the lead transport, waiting for a move from the Hutt's guards so he can leap in with the advantage.
Well, so much for trying to play the innocent bystander; here comes some big and ugly pig-looking thing. Expelling a calming breath, Andris snaps on his own lightweapon and takes a step toward the rushing Gammorean. A single radiant amethyst blade extends with a snap and a hiss as the masked man moves in on the guards, stunning the creature a bit with this unexpected turn of events. But... wasn't the Jedi over there? Oh, there must be two-- *THUD* Oh, there goes an arm. Andris lashes one of the creature's arms off cleanly at the elbow as it tries to raise its weapon in defense. Executing a neat pirouette and igniting the other end of his dual-bladed saber, the Jedi pierces the Gammorean straight through its enormous gut. With an emotionless stare and a quick tug of his arms, Andris pulls his lightstaff out the side of the creature, dropping it to the dusty earth. That nasty business out of the way, he sests his sights on the lead speeder, taking a step toward it.

The remaining Weekway doesn't yet notice that his comrade has slumped over, either unconscious or dead, and levels his blaster at Quintus, whose lightsabers shift from side-to-side ever so slightly as the drolly-clad, lightsaber-wielding spacer advances on the Weekway's speeder with Ikassa in it. The air sizzles as the energy bolt sails through it, only to make a sharp, crackling sound as Quintus' smaller lightsaber swiftly deflects the charge, failing to even slow his advance.

Tar Tel Breen's head is rocked by the blaster bolt strikes him. He looks twords the area of the attack and grabs at Gwenn, yelling in his native tongue to the drivers to get him out of there.

The Trandoshan's head is rocked by the blaster bolt the strikes him. He vision blured by the blast and the blood on his face, he looks frantically twords the area of the attack and grabs at Gwenn, yelling in his native tongue to the drivers to get him out of there.

Ikassa emits a few jawa dialectual swear words.. How did he get himself into this? he thinks... Mmm. Trouble seems to follow the small creature, as it stays as small as possible in the back of the speeder. What a ripoff. And great. Now there's a guy running at his vehicle holding an infinitum blaster... or 'lightsaber' if you arent Jawa. Whatever.. Sheesh.

The first human on Gwenn's speeder squints his eyes and squeezes the trigger of his blaster rifle, sending the sizzling bolt of energy directly into the building about four inches below where Hobbes is -- very, very close; a hair higher and Hobbes would have something to show off at parties.

Quintus continues on toward the speeder with the Jawa and the Weekway in it, seemingly almost oblivious to the Gammorean that's running straight for him, ax and all. He does not flinch as the pig-creature runs at him; he turns his wrist slightly. What happens is indicative of the dangers of the Force, a sign, much like Andris' deft use of his own lightstaff, of why the Jedi were to be taken seriously -- though why either Andris or Quintus have the weapons of the Jedi without their garb, without their rank, that was a much a question for the surprised mercenaries in Jabba's employ as it was for Hobbes and Jacen. Those able to detect such things would feel the slightest ripple, a kind of quiet 'ping' through the Force as Quintus' light-blade slices through the air and on through the Gammorean's legs, removing them both at mid-thigh, the shock of which causes the muscles in the filthy creature's body to go limp and drop the axe; it lies on the ground, wailing pain, though its wounds are already cauterized. The pathetic creature will live -- provided nobody else shoots it. Quintus is now at the front of the speeder with the Jawa in it.

The human driving the speeder with the Princess in it fires off a shot at the roof of the building upon which Jacen and Hobbes are sniping from, looking more than panicked at the sudden change of events; the sudden dismemberment of the two Gammorean guards leaves no small impression on the driver of the airspeeder. The shot is not too far off the mark, but the human doesn't watch where it goes, instead plunking back into his seat and turning the speeder, trying to do an about face so it can get out of here.

Jacen takes a large breath before he rolls out from his cover and stands up. As his form appears some of his enemies take aim at him and fire. Moving quickly, Jacen starts to climb down a ladder. To save very valuble seconds, he slides down more than he climbs. Once his feet touch the ground he drops into a roll to a row of sandbags that had previously been set up. Blaster bolts hit the wall around him, but none are close enough to do any damage to him. This man moves with great skill and dexterity, not letting the blaster bolts phase him in the slightest.

Hobbes keeps his sight on the Trandoshan, squeezing off a second shot.. the Trandoshan is his repsonsiblity, and he can't move on until the firs target of responsibliity is down, though he's calling over the com, "Driver, someone hit the driver!"

The Trandoshan leans down to grab for Gwenn, a second blaster shot sizzling by his head, just bearly missng him, close enough to warm the lizard-mans scaly skin. He growls and glances back at the firing human, laughing loudly at him.

Damascus, with the stern realization that he is, indeed, without a weapon of any sort, decides it would be best for him to simply sit atop his crates, and watch. So, of course, he pulls out a pair of macrobinoculars, and proceeds to watch the goings-on through them, pontificating everything. "Never coming here again," He decides to himself.

Hobbes grits his teeth, but he keeps his breathing normal, squeezing the trigger on the exhalation.. he's got to do it now, or never. If the speeder gets away it's over. The whole thing is for nothing. If he can hit the Trandoshan he can switch to the driver before the turn the thing around.

The Trandoshan smiles back at Hobbes as he grips the Princess's hair in his head..Suddenly the only thing smiling is his lower jaw as his head is sheered off with the shot and he falls over onto the princess, and lets out a soft gasp as hhis body shuts down.

The humans on Gwenn's skiff are beginning to lose their grip on the situation. The taller of the two keeps his blaster trained on the roof where Hobbes is, and fires off a shot, only to be jarred at the last minute by the turning of the speeder; the shot goes wild and the man curses in Old Corellian. "Get us out of here! Qvickly!" He yells to the driver.

Andris frowns a bit as he reaches out to the Force, doing his best to maintain that legendary Jedi calmness as the battle escalates around him while he storms toward the lead landspeeder. It is not the "ping" that emanates from Quintus that draws the frown, nor the sickening ripple along the Force that resulted directly from the Gammorean's death. Rather, it is something not quite right with himself, something he had not noticed before, something wrong with the Force. But now is not the time to dwell on that, not with the driver of the transport carrying Gwenn having a sudden motivation to get out of here as quickly as possible.
One... two... jump! With two quick strides to give himself the proper momentum, Andris somersaults into the air toward the vehicle. The double-bladed weapon in his hands forms a puple blur as the man twists in the air, finally landing in a squat position on the hood. He stands, posing there like some sort of strange ornament, his weapon glowing in his hands. "Get out!" Andris orders the driver, walking toward him across the hood of the vehicle with quick strides. He keeps one eye on the other man's hands, however, alert to the fact that he might hit the gas at any time and to try and disturb the Jedi's balance. For a brief second, he glances past the driver and to the Trandoshan in back. Well, what's left of him anyway. He also takes note of the cowering mass of cloth hunched on the floor: hopefully that's the Princess.

Ikassa turns up; looking up at the unusual person that is now taken posession of the speeder. He pokes his head up and stares at the man; then waves, and drops back down to the floor of the speeder as more shots fly. Trouble does follow him around.

The princess, feeling the warm goo of Blood and the weight of the Trandoshan on top of her as he slumped over from the hit, is quite frankly, freaked out. She pushes the body off of her, and stands, looking to get out of the vehicle as fast as she can.

Quintus doesn't display any of the same acrobatics that Andris chooses to. As he nears the forefront of the driver-less speeder with the helpless Weekway still shooting ineffectually at Quintus, he brings his larger lightsaber down upon the front part of the airspeeder, cutting clean through the mechanical and electrical innards of the vehicle, whose repulsors disengage, causing the speeder to go straight down to the ground with a 'thunk!' The Weekway tries to charge Quintus, only to hit a kind of invisible wall and go sailing directly in the opposite direction, flying into the front of a nearby building with enough force to knock him unconscious. Quintus glances up at Ikassa, grunts, cracks a rougish smile. "Hey, buddy," he says in typical spacer fashion, "Let's blow this popsicle stand."

The driver of the speeder upon which Andris has leapt stares unblinkingly up at the Jedi who has just threatened him. Looking to his comrade with the rifle for support that isn't there -- that fellow's too intent on hitting Hobbes -- the driver glances flinchingly back at Andris, and starts to speak, except that Jacen's spray of blaster fire scores a lucky hit and leaves a dark carbon scoring on the man's torso. A bit of blood burbles out of his mouth and he leans forward, dead. The speeder begins to accelerate slowly.


Gwenn is a young woman, nearly 16 years of age. She has a very sad and frightened look about her with short red hair that peeks out from a hat. Her hat is a desert Tatoonie headgear, used to keep the sun off and keep the noodle cool. She has thin lips, a button nose, a curious blue eyes. Gwenn is wearing sand colored desert pants, and a simple tan tunic. Around her body is wrapped a long Brown poncho type of cloak to protect from the Tatooine sun.
On her right wrist, appears to be some sort of metal device.

Hobbes switches his target, going up onto one knee as the speeder starts to move.. his barrel swings forward and to the left, searching out.. there.. he puts the center of the crosshair on the bastard that's been shooting at him for so long and jerks the trigger, trying to take him out before he can fire once more.

The last man standing, so to speak, narrowly avoids losing his balance and falling off the airspeeder that is now careening towards a wall. With a curosry glance towards Andris, he curses some more and takes careful aim at Hobbes--!
--Only to go flying backwards as Hobbes' high-powered rifle bolt makes him wish he'd fallen off the speeder. He falls off anyway, now, his own blaster falling uselessly to the ground beside his prone form.

Gwenn unwraps her head-dress which is blooded, and jumps free from the speeder. She is just paniced, and frantic to get away from all the action. Frightened and scared she jumps off the vehicle.

Andris doesn't have the time for pleasant greetings as Quintus does. Nor does he seem to have the ability, as most people who have met him would argue. He's having a difficult enough time as it is holding on to the Force, and a lapse in concentration to come up with some gallant witticism to deliver to the Princess could prove disastrous right now. The Jedi blinks a few times as a large burn mark appears on the chest of the driver courtesy of Jacen. That too would draw a rather harsh look from Andris were the Naboo guardsman within range of any facial expressions. That frowning expression turns into one of suprise as the vehicle begins to accelerate beneath him. He rolls his arms around a little to maintain his balance then quickly begins looking for the Princess. Time to blow this popsicle stand, as Quintus would say.
"Princess! Your Majesty!" Andris calls, reaching forward with his empty hand and moving cautiously toward the center of the vehicle where the blood-spattered girl is currently located. Well, where she was located. Now she's jumping from a moving vehicle and trying to run away. Oh bother. "Your Highness! Pricess!" he cries before leaping from the vehicle in much the same manner in which he arrived on it. "We have come to rescue you!" Andris cries as he hops over the carcass of the last of the human guards so recently fried by Hobbes' rifle. Bodies are just falling left and right around here. Good thing, too. It's hard to say how long it will take for backup to arrive. Word has it that this Hutt fellow has lackies in every corner of every alley on Tatooine. "Come with me, please!" he shouts, hoping to draw the girl's attention, or at least distract her long enough to catch up to her.

Quintus helps Ikassa out of the fallen airspeeder, propelling him with a push over towards Jacen. "Go! Take cover with them!" And Quintus jogs over towards Andris the and Princess, deactivating both of his lightsabers as he nears the two of them. Into his commlink:
"Ho--uh--" Fark. What was Hobbes' Secret Code Name. "Big Bird One, this is, um, Groundhog seven. We'd all best get to your ship before anyone ambushes /us/."

And then, the macrobinoculars in Damascus' hands spot the girl--the princess. Surprised, he falls from the crates, "Aigh!" He pulls the binoculars up again, and blinks. Her! That one chick! He knew her! Wasn't she at one of the balls or something? Maybe. Who knew. Oh well. He pulls up a nearby piece of long junk--shaped vaguely like something that could be smashed into things. Hence, he smashes it into the crates, and gives an approving nod, and bolts off for the woman and her accomplices, running low to avoid prying eyes. Or weapons. Regardless, he tries his best to dart for them as fast as possible. Were they kidnapping her? Saving her? What the /fark/ was going on?

The old Fight or flight mechism seems stuck on 'flight' as Gwenneth makes a bea-line from the speeders running away.. Where? she doesn't know. Just away from the carnage. She's making her escape! Too bad she seems to be paniced to the point of not listening.

"Princess!" Andris calls louder and more forcefully as the girl runs away, trying to get her attention. He deactivates his own lightsabers so that he can pump his arms and run faster without risk of decapitating himself in the process. The Jedi was hoping he wouldn't have to make mention of any allegiances, but he might have to chase this girl all over the place if he can't get her attention. That would be a real downer after slaughtering two transports of guards for her. He's hate to have to explain that to the Queen, assuming that they even make it out of Mos Espa. "Princess, we come from Naboo! Please, you must come with us. The Queen has sent us!" he calls.

Hobbes stands atop the roof, but, instead of hopping down he's scanning the field and putting shots into the guards that are down but not out. Head hits each. Witnesses are a bad thing in this situation, and he seems to be the only one that bothered to try and hide his identity.

The killer midget jawa of death scurries his tiny way across towards Jacen, and then towards Andris and the princess. Ducking halfway as he runs; he does make quite a small target. He mainly just keeps running as he is pretty slow, and doesnt have anything else to hide behind.

Continuing onward, Damascus slides his way along a shaded part of a building, towards the princess, 'weapon' in hands. Finally, his course finds his way near hers, and he offers out harshly, just loud enough for himself to be heard, "Princess Pendragon! I'll help you!" He wheezes as he goes, realizing now that he was a bit out of shape, as he half-stumbles, though continuing to run on, "It's James Damascus! I'm a Damascus! Damascus, I say! Slow," Wheeze, "Down!" Gasp.

Gwenneth, hearing that, turns course, but in another direction away from Damascus. She doesn't reconize him. She runs back the way she came, like a frightened bird that is let out of it's cage. As she runs, the heat and exhaustion of running take her toll. Running in a desert, with sand and all isn't easy. She collapses to her knees and simply sits there.

Quintus whirls around from where he had been chasing after Andris and Gwenn, his face contorted in anger. "What the fark are you doing!" He all but screams into his commlink, "That one was farking unconscious and the other hasn't got any legs! You farking little fark piece of -- easy to kill them when you don't have to see their faces, isn't it?" He turns off his commlink and regards Hobbes intently, thrusting out his hand. The desert heat is certainly taking its toll on Quintus -- running about like Andris and Quintus are in this weather isn't Quintus' idea of fun -- and with beads of sweat pouring down his brow, and not a few curses muttered under his breath, Quintus manages to persaude Hobbes' high-powered blaster rifle to depart from being strapped to Hobbes to fly through the air and into Quintus' hands. He ejects the energy clip into the dust and shoots Hobbes a dirtly look. Fortunately, however, he does not shoot Hobbes.

Hobbes blinks a it as his rifle's taken up and out of his hands, the strap around his arm untying, but he responds into the comlink, calmly, "I'm taking out witnesses. We came here to do a job, we're doing it. This is part of it. If we let them live and they tell Jabba who did this there will be a deathmark on all of us, you idiot. You already used my name, so I'm screwed, I'm just trying to make sure none of the rest of you have the same problem."

Andris pulls his mask off and allows it to drop around his neck as he pursues the princess. Maybe she would be more accepting if he weren't dressed like a hooligan. It was geting a little stuffy under the thing anyway. He also pulls his goggles up and snaps them on the top of his head as he jogs along. Damn, this girl can run. Well, she could run until she collapsed in the sand, but that isn't the foremost thing on his mind. Right now, that's Damascus. Andris turns to face the man, lightsaber in hand yet deactivated, offering a warning he doesn't have time to utter. They must get the Princess out. With a lingering stare, he turns round and jogs back to the fallen girl. "Princess..." Andris says, coming up behind her. "Please, Princess, we mean you no harm. We come to take you to Theed and the Queen. We must go before it is too late," he explains, reaching down to take her up against her own will, if necessary.
Andris heaves the girl from the dust with a small grunt, unaided by the Force. The heat is beginning to take its toll on him too and he's having a harder and harder time concentrating. He slops the girl over his shoulder, leaving one of his arms free quite on purpose. Hey, even a one-armed Jedi with a princess over his shoulder is something you would think twice about messing with. Andris expels a heavy breath and moves off toward the speeders as quickly as possible, sweat beginning to drip from his forehead. Yeah, time to get out of here before he goes down from heat stroke too. *WHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIW* He whistles shrilly in Quintus' general direction, not bothering to ask why the other Jedi is suddenly holding Hobbes' blaster in his hand. "Let's go!" Andris barks, nearing the speeder and depositing the Princess in the back seat before hooking a leg over and climbing in himself.

As the jawa finishes hiding; he watches that one guy, and the princess hop into the speeder. Like heck he wants to stick around... Keeping low to the ground, he sneaks across and grabs onto the speeder's wall cowling. Struggling his way onto it as it almost is taller than him, he makes his way over the edge and plops over head first into the deck of the vehicle.

"He-hey!" Damascus shouts out, backpeddling, and turning to dart after the new direction she went, and then she stops. And Weird Jedi Man stops at her, gives him a Look, and takes the girl. "I have no quarrel with you," He blurts out, before setting out after Andris again, Big Stick dragging against the ground, just in case someone naughty decides to beat on him with, well, whatever it is they have. "Aigh!" He orders out, huffing and puffing as he runs forward, "Waiiiit for meeeee! I'll heeeelllllpppp!"
Or at least, try. And let people die around him. And maybe later, breed, and his son will shoot a Female Jedi but she won't die. And he'll liberate Corellia. And all sorts of neat stuff.

Hobbes turns and leaves the roof at a run after glaring at Quintus.. he heads through the streets to the starship and starts it prepping as he waits for the others.

Gwenn is exhaused and hangs on for the ride.

Hobbes lifts the ship off, bugger tower permission.. with a roar of repulsors and a howl of engines the ship arcs up then turns on its side, heading towards the sight of the fight.. coming down in the nearest insection with the ramp down, the whole ship canted at a slight angle to fit as he covers the direction of the desert with his topmounted blasters, "Come on, come on, COME ON!" Of course, no one can hear as the comlinks are off..

[The scene dies here. But it was a cool one.]