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Character Background

The Damascus family, for generations a prominant family in the public eye of Coruscant, Corellia, and numerous other Republic worlds. Their lineage has stretched back several hundred years, producing prominant actors, politicians, inventors, musicians, craftsmen, and artists. All save military lineage, which had so far been a vacant spot in the pacifist family. While not physically powerful, their influence remains in the public eye.

These days, the brunt of the family remains on Coruscant or Corellia, on the family estates. Their family name is recognizable at any table, and they are an esteemed family. One prominant member of the house is William Damascus, a senator to Coruscant. His son, James, is where we begin our tale. William, for the noteworthy, was born on Coruscant half a century ago, primmed and prodded into an ideal candidate for politics. He was outspoken and cool-minded in any debate or argument. Little wonder that he became what he did.

However, as the fable often goes, son is nothing like father. And so it was that William and his wife gave birth to their first, and only, son, James Damascus.

James was brought up like all the others in the family. Few doors remained closed in his limitless opportunities growing up. He was sent to several of the finest schools around Coruscant, though few hints came from his general attitude of who, or what, he might grow up to be. Though as time passed, he began to stray from the family lineage, instead turning somewhat reckless and whatnot.

Between classes, and tutorings, and everything else James was subjected to, he would stray from the family estates to roam with friends that he had become acquainted with--none of which would have met with his parents approval--and began a bit of a sidelife. While on one hand, he was being brought up like a nobleman, his dancing skills no exception to his studies, on the other, he was a sly and cunning boy, outwitting his friends in numerous games and practical jokes.

His parents, like the omniscient ones most are, finally caught on to his reckless life, and began restricting his lifestyle more and more, subjecting him to more proper ways of life. This discouraged him, at first, though it did little to hinder his improvement in skills. His skills began to lie more and more into a broad range of knowledge and whatnot, his few short years in the streets having propped in his mind a cunning attitude, and a problem solver. However, still without any destination in mind, his parents began goading him to pick a destiny.

James, of course, wanted nothing to do with that. His eighteenth birthday--adulthood beckoning--was quickly approaching, and the days between the ultimate decision of what to do began to grow slimmer and slimmer. Finally, the week of his birthday, his parents announced that if he would not decide on a destiny, they would not allow him to remain in their home any longer.

And so, the saga begins... [Top]

Character Information [4/30/01]

James Damascus is the son of an NPCed Coruscanti Senator in the Star Wars world of A Legacy Born. I've just recently begun to play him there, and I'm hoping to have quite a fun time developing him in a bit more of a constrained future than I've played in other characters. For those that do not know, there was a character known as Damascus that, once upon a time, played on SW2. This character was William Damascus, James' son. The player of William Damascus dropped the character some time ago, but I am hoping to carry on the Damascus legacy through his father, in an earlier timeline (Phantom Menace) of the Star Wars universe.

James is a bit of an oddity in the Damascus family. He doesn't constrain to the ethics or values that they hold to, instead he's more of a free spirit, which would eventually take shape again in his son. Hopefully, over time, I'll get to develop him into a real Damascus, and perhaps settle him down, or perhaps not. His future is very unclear right now, though there are some certainties that the former player of William Damascus laid down for his father; he will vanish, and he may very well have something to do with the Rebellion. I don't know what the future holds for him. But I hope to have a wonderful time playing him.

Logs will be posted here periodically, when I find the time to put them up. Until then, feel free to take a look at the character page for William Damascus and enjoy the logs. There are some real nice ones in there. My character, throughout those sagas, was Mege Vauki, William's sidekick. Anyways, enjoy. [Top]


[ 05/04/01 ]: Mysterious Stranger Bored and wandering on Coruscant's surface, James finds himself run into by a stranger from offworld, who seems strangely interested in the Jedi, for some reason or another. James is vague.

[ 05/09/01 ]: Princess in Peril Headed to Tatooine to visit the family estates there, James encounters a rather rowdy group of people shooting and whatnot at each other. Intrigued, he sits down, and watches, until one of the people in the group catches his eye--a princess he had met some time ago. Though he can't remember much about her, and not caring that there seemed to be a pair of Jedi running around killing people--he still tries to vigilantly save her. Well, sort of.


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