Born on a small Tatooine mining asteroid, Bazil has never lived the easy life.  Throughout his existance, he has been plagued with problems, traumatic events, and the chance luck to be able to live through it all.  Twenty-seven years old, Bazil tries to make a living, working in the New Republic Star Ops, determined to be the best at what he is, and put his prior life behind him.  He has seen the lives of millions of people, the life of single persons, and a love that was meant to be, all disappear from beneath his gaze.  His last chance awaits him.  Hope prevails over pessimism, a new life being thrust before him.  Perhaps, this time, he will be able to live without so much agony.

Bazil is a character I have played since November, 1998 on a game called Star Wars MUSH, an online text-based role-playing game based on the West-End Games RPG system, set in the universe of George Lucas' Star Wars. I played him most actively from 1999 through 2001, at which point life took a serious priority, and I only played him intermittently from there on. Here you will find his history, philosophy, and logs of RP sessions. As of the date of this writing I have only recently decided to start playing him again, and even then sparsely and as time permits. I still have way too many other interests and responsibilities to play like I used to, but we'll see what comes of it!
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