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The following is the background I made for my +background files on Sw1.  Like the logs, don't use info in here, 'less ya talk to me first.  Thanks, and enjoy the read.  I'll make a more involved one later.


Bazil Ard'rian McKenzie was born on a small Tatooine Mining Asteroid settlement, somewhere around twenty-two years before the battle of endor. His father, Jonah Renae McKenzie, owned the settlement, as well as his mother, a slave, Alicia Lienne Ard'rian. Bazil and Alicia worked together in the mines at times, despite his father's best interests in keeping the two apart. Through the sixteen years he lived there, he saw the worst of the worst possible conditions, often subjected to horrendous acts by the non-slaves at the mine. It also subjected him to a large mix of races and cultures, often seated to eat dinner during the evenings, while a veritable stew of other creatures practiced their own religious and spiritual beliefs around him. The practices which surrounded him put him in a very awkward position: His mother did not practice any such performances, preferring to keep to herself, and without much interest in the surronding environment. However, Bazil managed to take on all the religions at once, as a young boy emulating three or four of the ceremonies all in one sitting. These practices faltered off later in his life as a slave, leading to more subdued actions. He soon began to waste away mentally, striving to find the one beacon of light that might keep him living.

One night, he found that very beacon, finding the opportunity to confront his father. During routine leaves of absence, his father would often head down to Tatooine to conduct business dealings with traders. The security the night had been quite lax, and so Bazil decided to take it upon himself to get out of there while he could. Stowing in a cargo crate, Bazil managed to get stuck inside the hold of the small interplanetary shuttle. As the vehicle took off, he snuck out, taking with him a piece of equipment he had found lying around inside the crate, and wandered up to the cockpit cautiously. In an event that would pockmark him for the rest of his life, haunting him in dreams, and eventually causing him to lose a job at the news that he had done something as naieve as it, he smashed the metal bar across his father's head, killing him there on the spot. Unfortunately, at the time, he wasn't thinking about how he would get the shuttle down in one piece. His first chance at piloting had ensued, as he tried frantically to get the shuttle to respond. Finally, he managed to partially figure it out, and thumped the bucket of metal right down in the middle of the dune sea.

With little to live off of, save a few credits he stole from his father, he started his trek across the vast expanse of sand, eventually collapsing there. After unmeasureable amounts of time, Bazil woke, in a small mud-hut of a family of two--a husband and wife--who had found the kid, now sixteen, in the middle of the expanse through some sheer twist of fate. Over several months, they cared for him, before finally parting to his own ways, headed towards the downtrodden city of Mos Eisley, where, for three years, he shuffled around, earning money where he could, and becoming subjected to conditions only slightly better than what he had endured at the slave mines.

With little to his name, Bazil finally found himself in the services of a small group of mercenaries, consisting of a single Lambda, and a pair of old fighters, the still-young man placed in as co-pilot to the shuttle. Bazil rapidly proved himself to be an able pilot, and eventually replaced the pilot, of whom died in a small skirmish between some pirates. Then, Bazil managed to capture the attention of one of the starfighter pilots, who quickly took him in as a friend, and apprentice. Training him while the second fighter pilot slept, Bazil quickly rose to understand flight with ease, each new thing learned quickly absorbed into his rapidly growing base of knowledge. Eventually, the other fighter pilot was killed, as well, and due to pressing financial concerns, the young Tatooinian kid was stuck into the seat permanently. Well, not so permananently, as several months later the group disbanded, forced to sell the ships.

Without anything more than he had before, save the knowledge of flight, Bazil set off on a trip that would eventually give birth to a whole new life. Headed directly towards Caspar, the first place he could name off, he scoured the streets for jobs, eventually coming into contact with IGNews. Over the course of mere days, Bazil went from a nobody to a nobody with a ship, himself now the captain of a small freighter. His job, to boldly ferry reporters and cargo around for the news company. This job made him contacts throughout the universe, and finally, a woman friend.

On Caspar, at the age of twenty-four, Bazil met a woman, Casey Johnson: employee of StarMed, and soldier for hire. His heart finally heard it's calling, and he fell instantly in love with the woman. Over the course of several months, the two enjoyed a passing relationship, seeing each other as the could at various ports of call. Unfortunately, things took a turn for the worse. Bazil first took some leave with IGNews to head off to Tatooine, to see what remained of his mother. The news that she had died several days after he left shocked him at first, but finally, he departed from past again, and towards Corellia, to meet Casey. The two spent several days together, and their first real dates, before a strange course of events took place: She vanished. Heartbroken, the young man tried his hardest to look for her, scouring the known universe for her, to no avail.

He eventually moved on, deciding to quit IGNews in favor of the Republic, known only to him as the Rebellion. The choice was made to become a pilot, and he succeeded. Now, with a mission that would push memories of Casey out of his mind, Bazil managed to pursue his dream of flight. Quickly rising through the ranks, he found himself in a new place. His experience prior had paid off well, as he soon found out. Eventually, another job came along within the Republic, and Poguala Waaris-Dawntreader, diplomat for the NR. With little real effort, Bazil finds himself as a pilot, and possibly future-diplomat for the Republic. Luckily for him, things don't turn out, and he eventually retires back to his old job of pilot for StarOps, and in a new found position of XO for Ghost Squadron. Again, he rises through the ranks, leaving him in a decent position of status, one that most others would take years to perform. For Bazil McKenzie, it took three years.

As most things go, however, Bazil's stay in StarOps was short. After a few years there, he managed to find himself in the employment of the New Republic Intelligence Corps. While he kept himself in StarOps for a while, moonlighting as an Intel Agent, Bazil eventually got into some 'trouble' and used it as an excuse to get himself thrown full force into Intel. Numerous highly secret operations took his time up for a month or so, until he finally came back into the spotlight of the NR. With his escapades classified, and noone knowing about them, he set out to slowly introduce the fact that he was actually Intel into his former StarOps peers. Over the course of another month he slowly began acting a bit more like the NRI agent he was by day, eventually getting promoted in Intelligence, to paper-pushing status. This took up quite a bit of his time, and left him with little in the way of excitement. So, with yet more hard choices before him, Bazil got himself promoted, again, just as the former Director of Intel just sort of... vanished, and landed himself in the position of Acting Director. Weeks passed, the former Director had not reappeared, and the Inner Council set Bazil's position in stone, also promoting him even higher in the COC. Of course, his duties behind the desk rarely kept him out of the field, and he often times would do work like any other agent, and kept in good contact with his military friends, even managing to get his own military rank kept in place, so that he could fly when he wanted. Unfortunately, the life of an NRI officer and agent wasn't easy... many mishaps occured, and Bazil's life was nearly taken on several occasions. His stress increased steadily, until he just sort of... snapped.

And snap he did. He garnered quite a number of alternate personalities in just a short span, and they changed quite rabidly. Doctors were unable to do anything for him, and so they let him sort it out himself. On drugs now, the alternate personalities vanished, but recent events have left him quite the insane man still. To the point that he could simply snap, in any second. He bides his time now... doing what duties he can, his stress levels teetering back and forth on the fence, his insanity following such a course.

However, all things in the universe are short lived. And as such, Bazil's insanity was equally so. After being kidnapped by the Empire, and taken aboard their Death Star, subjected to who knows what, his insanity just sort of... vanished. After managing to get back to Coruscant, he set out on his business again, a new man. His insanity subdued, he seems quite normal on the outside, though visibly scarred and downtrodden inside. With the war, he continues on without thinking twice, just doing his job as he can.

Bazil's involvement in the war crescendoed with renewed vigor as his mental state solidified. Becoming Director of NRI and and Inner Councilor, the man became powerfully influential, also became more at odds with those whose opinions of how to win the war differed from his own. The war, finally, left Bazil an empty shell. In 9 ABY, the battle for Coruscant between the New Republic and Empire began, and with it, a new chapter in Bazil's life. Fighting alongside remaining NR ground forces in an effort to save the planet, the two sides waged a fierce battle that left the NR in retreat, including Bazil, saved only through sheer luck, though more worse for wear than ever before. The battle left him armless, and on the verge of death. This experience, and his experiences in the Inner Council changed his perception of the Republic, fixedly placing him at odds with those he fought alongside. Within the year he had resigned from all of his posts, and began a cyclical redefinition of purpose.

For five years, Bazil redefined and reshaped his meaning. He engaged in every manner of occupation, dabbling his affairs with the shady, the unscrupulous, the academic, and other inconceivably unrelated things. Though he accomplished relatively nothing in this time, unguided by any principle, this period served to reinvigorate his own identity beyond that of a man perchanced into the Republic's cause, but instead as a man with his own ambitions, causes, and hopes for the universe.


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